Staff Spotlight: Meet Eva Thibaudeau!

Jun 17, 2019  |  at 10:54 am  |  by awright

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Eva Thibaudeau-Graczyk, Chief Program Officer, has been with the Coalition for the Homeless for seven years. Originally from a small town in Wisconsin, Eva moved to the Houston area to pursue full-time service work in 1996. After doing two tours with AmeriCorps, Eva made her way into the homeless service system and never looked back.

Abbie: Can you tell me a little about your role at the Coalition and what it entails?

Eva: As Chief Program Officer, I have a lot of different areas I touch on a daily basis, from making sure The Way Home Continuum of Care (CoC), is in alignment with local and federal goals and outcomes, to keeping on top of the data to make sure it matches with federal regulations. I also do a lot of work with local and government leaders, as well as our partner organizations, to make sure they can be as successful as possible in their planning. It’s a lot of communicating, teaching and troubleshooting.

Abbie: What made you want to go into this type of work?

Eva: I had been working with children in foster care (as a foster mom who has had over 75 foster kids over the years!), and these children often came into foster care because their family had nowhere to go. When I decided to move into a different line of work, I really wanted to serve adult populations experiencing homelessness. I wanted to give my time to populations that not everyone wanted to serve.

Abbie: What is the biggest project you are working on right now?

Eva: Right now, I would have to say housing people who are experiencing homelessness and living in encampments. We are trying to take all the work we have done housing people into permanent supportive housing and amplify it tremendously. Doing this requires pulling together a lot of different resources, such as dollars and infrastructure.

Abbie: What would you say your favorite thing about working for the Coalition is?

Eva: I think the most amazing thing is that I get to be a part of a team that includes not just members of the Coalition’s staff, but community partners as well, who are really smart, motivated, and hardworking.

Abbie: Do you have any hobbies outside of work?

Eva: Well of course! I really enjoy reading. I just finished a Kate Atkinson book. I’d have to say my favorite genre is modern literature. I also love spending time with my seven kiddos! We like to swim, play basketball, basically anything that is an outdoor activity.

Abbie: Tell us one fun fact about yourself!

Eva: I used to be a cab driver in Madison, Wisconsin! I did it for two years. I would actually pick up people from shelters and drive them to wherever they needed to go. I loved it and I loved being able to talk to them and hear their stories.