The Coalition for the Homeless of Houston/Harris County has commemorated the annual In Memoriam for the past several years, on December 21 (which has the longest night in the year) to remember those homeless individuals who passed away while living on the streets. In support of the progress that our community has made toward solving homelessness, the Coalition will be changing the event format in 2015.

The Coalition is planning to host this year’s In Memoriam service in a virtual format, listing the names of those who have passed away on our website (below) and also providing community members with shareable, digital content. This content will allow partner organizations, supporters, and other community members to conduct individual ceremonies and remembrances as their schedules and programming allows.

There are a number of ways you can get involved and donate in-kind goods and/or volunteer time in support of the In Memoriam:

  • Click here to view the Coalition’s compilation of partner organizations who have specific needs this holiday season.
  • Contribute to The Way Home’s Barrier Buster Fund to provide newly housed individuals with much needed household items.
  • View the list of The Way Home partner organizations and contact them to volunteer or get more information on how you can get involved.

For more information, contact Scot More at or at 832 531-6008.

Please visit our In Memoriam archive for lists from previous years.


To view the 2016 In Memoriam video, click here.

Steven Adair
Ronald Armstrong
Leroy Benefield
Robert Benson
Raymond Bentley
Joshua Boatman
Paul Burrow
Jeremy Byrn
Nathan Carroll
Gilbert Cazares
Raul Contreras
Lonzo Coulter
Gene Council
Larry Coward
James Davenport
Patrick Davis
Stephen Dills
James Durham
Gary Eilersten
Iraj Foroud
Kenneth Frederick
John Hallett
Stevenson Harris
Kimberly Hester
Courtney Hiser
Cathering Hughes
David Jefferies
Arhur Johnson
Eric Johnson
Luke Johnson
Richard Jordan
Thomas Kettle
Alan Lamberti
Gregory Lewis
Norman Lynch
Leroy Mansfield
Fernando Martinez
Stephen Mason
Paul Miller
Scott Mitchell
James Moore
Rosalyn Moore
Alfred Murillo
Ruben Navarro
George Nichols
Quinn O’Banner
Abelardo Pena
Charles Perkins (age 58)
Charles Perkins (age 44)
Alexander Phillips
Phillip Phillips
Dorothy Pierce
Charles Plumlee
Arthur Porter
Andothy Pyle
Mark Reyna
Ruth Reynolds
Brian Roberts
Timothy Roberts
Valinaa Roberts
Eddie Sandoval
Trevor Sholtis
Kenneth SIms
Brian Smith
Craig Smith
Edmond Stanley
Claudine Tate
Gregory Taylor
Scecio Tello
Johnny Telsee
Maurice Thornton
Jeffrey Thurmmon
Jack Tyler
Roger Weaver
Richard Williams
Edward Wilson
Roger Wilson
Gary Wolfe
Oscar Woods
Jimmy Yarber
Michael Young