Some members of the team that spent two months in disaster shelters were able to meet for a “thank you” lunch and to catch up with one another.

After spending two months in disaster shelters, the work still isn’t over. We are still managing all of the un-glamorous work that goes into making a housing program work: aligning and securing funding, making sure paperwork is processed, paying landlords, coordinating case management, and more.

The Coalition also has an eye to the future, as other assistance options run out and programs end, our goal is to make sure that the Houston community does not see a new wave of homelessness emerge. We are already planning for our 2018 Homeless Count & Survey and while we won’t know the result before the Count happens, the data is sure to tell us quite a story.

The Way Home is a collaborative that doesn’t just dream big, but accomplishes big things. As lead agency to that collaborative, the Coalition’s goal is to always ensure that the work we have done and continue to do has helped the most vulnerable among us find stability.