Staff Spotlight: Meet Renee Cavazos!

Jun 13, 2018  |  at 3:42 pm  |  by sbrown

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By: Abbie Wright, Digital Content Coordinator

Renee Cavazos, Development Coordinator with the Coalition for the Homeless, has been with the organization since September 2016. Originally from Round Rock, TX, Renee went to Texas State University where she studied Mass Communications.

Abbie: Can you tell me about your role and what it entails?

Renee: I serve as Development Coordinator for the Coalition. My role includes engaging new donor audiences and growing relationships with current donor audiences for the Coalition.

A: What made you decide to go into this type of work?

R: I always think back to my “why” statement; why do I do what I do? It’s really a calling of being able to give back while still using valuable business skills. It’s also great to know that I am making a difference in my local community.

A: What kind of project(s) are you working on right now?

One project that I am always working on is the Welcome Home Fund. Through the Welcome Home Fund, we provide move-in essentials to people moving into their first housing unit through The Way Home. This fund gives community members a way to relate to people and families experiencing homelessness by seeing their faces and hearing their stories. I think it’s very eyeopening to some people, and reminds them that those experiencing homelessness are not that different from them.

A: What would you say your favorite thing is about working for the Coalition?

R: My favorite thing would have to be making connections and being able to network with a wide variety of different people. I also like being able to see the impact that we are all making on a daily basis.

A: What has been your favorite project or event to-date?

R: As challenging as that time was, I really loved working with the Housing For Harvey program. It was so humbling to see everyone come together in such a short time frame. There were so many people, our very own staff included, who stepped up in big ways – even if they had been directly impacted by the storm.

A: What animal would you be and why?

R: I think I would have to be a tiger. Tigers have a good awareness of their surroundings. They also run in packs and I feel like I have always been a team player. I think I would fit in well with a pack of tigers.

A: What’s a fun fact about you that most people might not know?

R: I have won an all-boys fantasy football league for going on three years in a row now!