Staff Spotlight: Meet Michael Fraley!

Jan 29, 2019  |  at 1:49 pm  |  by awright

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Michael Fraley, Project Manager with the Coalition for the Homeless, has been with the organization for two years in February. Originally from a suburb of Detroit in Columbus Township, Michigan, Michael moved to Houston to be closer to family in 2017.

Abbie: Where were you living and working before you moved to Texas in 2017?

Michael: After I graduated from Grand Valley State University, I pursued a master’s degree from Ball State University in Student Affairs and Higher Education. From there I moved to Vermont where I lived for 10 years and worked at the University of Vermont. I was eventually hired as a property manager for low-income housing and that’s how I kind of entered this world. I also worked at a homeless nonprofit agency doing short-term Rapid Re-housing.

Abbie: Tell me about your role at the Coalition and what it entails?

Michael: Right now I am a Project Manager. Originally I was brought into the organization to work with youth/young adult programs, but my role since then has changed. Now I concentrate more on program compliance, making sure our subrecipients ’ work align with grant requirements.

Abbie: What made you go into this type of work?

Michael: I really enjoy running a functional system to help individuals get into housing. Even though the Coalition is an administrative agency and I am further removed from direct service, the reward of seeing someone get those keys and get into a home of their own is such a joy.

Abbie: What would you say your favorite thing about working for the Coalition is?

Michael: I really like the autonomy that the Coalition gives. I love that we are creating a system to end homelessness in our Continuum of Care and I can be a part of the work that is done daily. I also enjoy working with other homeless service providers and partners of The Way Home to address homelessness as a community.

Abbie: Are there any projects you are working on right now?

Michael: I actually just finished coordinating the Community Conversation so there will definitely be ongoing work with the findings from that event. I’m really focusing on my new compliance role and putting structure together for subrecipients, auditing where it’s needed, and making sure all the necessary boxes are getting checked.

Abbie: What would you tell someone who was unfamiliar with The Way Home homeless service system?

Michael: I think the work we do goes largely unseen because it’s not always noticeable. Also, I wish more people knew that it only takes one major life event to become homeless and it can happen to anyone, at any time.

Abbie: Tell us one fun fact about yourself!

Michael: While living in Vermont, I owned and operated my own artisan jam business for six years called the Green Jam Man. I made over 120 flavors of homemade jam and marmalade and even won a Good Food Award!