Hurricane Harvey

Aug 24, 2017  |  at 4:48 pm  |  by sbrown

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Updated 9/15/2017

In the time since Hurricane Harvey hit Southeast Texas, the Coalition for the Homeless has been on the ground at local disaster recovery shelters, seven days a week, working to help homeless individuals impacted by the storm:

  • In response to Hurricane Harvey, The Way Home, under leadership by the Coalition for the Homeless, has created a disaster recovery shelter transition housing program to help individuals and families displaced by the storm get into housing and on the road to recovery. Many of the people remaining in disaster recovery shelters at this time are not immediately eligible for FEMA assistance and do not have a home to return to.
  • The Coalition has also been working with partners of The Way Home to ensure that services for homeless individuals are available throughout the community so their needs can be met.
  • Some families who were housed through The Way Home were displaced by Hurricane Harvey. We are incredibly thankful that only a small number of formerly homeless households were impacted. The Coalition is working with those families and their case managers every step of the way to help them get back into housing – whether it is searching for a new apartment unit, or helping with one-time financial assistance.

At the same time, all of the work of housing homeless individuals that was happening before the storm continues today. Coordinated Access assessors and navigators are still working hard to connect homeless individuals with a permanent housing option!

From August 26 – September 8, the Coalition received more than $400,000 from thousands of generous donors across the United States. We remain overwhelmed by the generosity and outpouring of support for our work. Donations we received will be used to meet the immediate needs of homeless households impacted by Hurricane Harvey, whether it is one-time financial assistance, furniture for new units, we are here to ensure that the most vulnerable among us get back on their feet after this catastrophic event. Your contributions will allow us to make this a reality.

If you know someone who is homeless and needs assistance, visit our Resources webpage for more information.