Houston Highlighted for Progress Toward Solving Homelessness

May 12, 2014  |  at 11:25 am  |  by sbrown

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On Thursday, April 24, Houston was one of two communities invited to testify before members of the Cabinet and leaders from the U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness in Washington, D.C. These leaders met to take action on Federal efforts to support and continue progress on ending homelessness in communities across the country.

Along with a community leader from Phoenix, AZ, Mandy Chapman Semple (Special Assistant for Homeless Initiatives to Mayor Annise Parker) shared that Houston is expecting to end homelessness among Veterans in 2014, which is one year ahead of the national goal. “We believe by the end of 2014, Houston will have achieved a steady state system,” said Chapman Semple. “This means that our system will have the capacity to house those individuals within a 30-day period, with a strong retention in their permanent housing.”

Other highlights from Houston included progress on ending chronic homelessness; since January 2012, our community has connected 1,455 individuals with Permanent Supportive Housing. Chapman Semple also highlighted Houston’s understanding of supportive services (such as health care, substance abuse treatment, mental health treatment, employment, and education), and how our community is creating a framework to understand when these systems can operate in parallel and when they must intersect.

To read Mandy Chapman Semple’s expert brief, click here.