Homeless Management Information System

The Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) is a computerized data collection tool specifically designed to capture client-level, system-wide information over time on the characteristics and services needs of men, women and children experiencing homelessness. HMIS allows the aggregation of client-level data across homeless service agencies to generate unduplicated counts and service patterns of clients served.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) National Data and Technical Standards establish baseline standards for participation, data collection, privacy and security. Implementation of HMIS is a requirement for receipt of HUD McKinney-Vento funding.

The Coalition for the Homeless of Houston/Harris County is the local HMIS lead agency. For more information, send an inquiry to hmis@homelesshouston.org.



HMIS Agreements and Policies

HMIS Community Reporting Standardization Policy (June 2019)

New Agency Application (April 2019)

HMIS Policies and Procedures (February 2018)

HMIS Agency Participation Agreement (April 2019)

Program Setup Form (February 2018)

Program Setup Form with Housing (August 2018)

HMIS Standard Service Code List (February 2018)

HMIS Privacy Policy (February 2018)

HMIS Data Quality Plan (February 2018)

Client Grievance Policy (February 2018)

HMIS Client Consent Template (February 2018)

HMIS Support Committee Bylaws (February 2018)

Privacy Notice (February 2018)

HMIS User License Agreement (February 2018)

Related Documentation

HMIS Assessment Report – Executive Summary (Abt Associates, June 2012)

HMIS Data Standards and Dictionary

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