Getting to know a Coalition staff member: Scot More

Jan 25, 2017  |  at 10:28 am  |  by sbrown

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When Scot More took an internship answering phones with the Coalition for the Homeless, he never imagined that he would still be there nearly 12 years later. More is a Project Manager with the Coalition – or, as he jokes, a “Projects.” In this position, he supports Coordinated Access, The Way Home‘s housing process; as well as manages Homeless Court, managed through the City of Houston.

“I help manage the referral process from housing assessment to actual housing,” said More. He makes sure that homeless individuals are connected with case managers and navigators as housing becomes available.

He also manages Homeless Court, and actually assisted with its creation in 2006. Homeless Court is a special Court session for homeless defendants to resolve outstanding misdemeanor offenses and warrants within the City of Houston’s Municipal Courts. It is based on the first homeless court program in the nation, created in San Diego in 1989. Homeless Court resolves common issues that prevent homeless individuals from moving into housing and on to self-sufficiency.

More says that though it’s hard to choose, managing Homeless Court is the most rewarding part of his job. “being at the actual homeless court sessions is great,” says More. “I can be there to help calm their fears. And when their tickets are forgiven, the sense of relief you can see on their face… it’s just incredible.”

He also enjoys running into clients he has helped when he is out in the evenings and weekends. “I’ll be running an errand somewhere, and it never fails that someone recognizes me and says, ‘Scot! Scot! I remember you and what you did to help me!’ and that is such a rewarding feeling.”