City Pursues Strategies for Homeless, Panhandlers

Mar 03, 2017  |  at 10:37 am  |  by sbrown

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City of Houston Media Alert, Office of Mayor Sylvester Turner
March 2, 2017

City of Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner announced on March 2 a more holistic approach to reducing homelessness and invited the community to help implement it. The mayor’s plan involves expedited efforts to permanently house the homeless, more shelter beds, new public health and safety regulations and an anti-panhandling awareness campaign.

“Houston has achieved significant reductions in homelessness in recent years, but I am committed to doing even more, ” said Mayor Turner. “it is simply not acceptable for people to live on the streets; it is not good for them, and it is not good for the city. We will tackle this complicated issue, and we will do it humanely with a meaningful approach that balances the needs of the homeless and the concerns of the neighborhoods they impact. We will need everyone’s patience and help to make it work.”

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