Domestic Violence and Homelessness – Where We Are Now

Oct 31, 2018  |  at 8:06 am  |  by awright

Share this post:Over the course of a year, 1.3 million women in the U.S. will experience domestic violence, but less than 10 percent of survivors will ever report what has happened to them. In 2017 in Texas, there were over

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How To Be The Key This Holiday Season!

Oct 30, 2018  |  at 9:57 am  |  by awright

Share this post: As the weather gets colder and the holiday season approaches, the Coalition for the Homeless is working to compile a list of ways that community members can help those experiencing homelessness in Houston and Pasadena, and Harris,

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Homelessness 101: Street Guide v. Help Card

Oct 26, 2018  |  at 8:29 am  |  by awright

Share this post:Two critical resources offered by the Coalition for the Homeless to those who need help are the Street Guide and the Help Card. These two resources are similar in that they both offer information on local assistance programs;

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Staff Spotlight: Meet Sara Brown!

Oct 23, 2018  |  at 8:45 am  |  by awright

Share this post:By: Abbie Wright, Digital Content Coordinator Sara Brown, Senior Manager of External Affairs and Special Projects with Coalition for the Homeless, started with the organization in 2013. Originally from the small town of Farmington, West Virginia, Sara moved

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