Compassionate Houston Asks Public to “Welcome Home” Houston’s Heroes

Jul 09, 2013  |  at 10:04 pm  |  by kcampbell

Share this post:Last summer 101 chronically homeless veterans were housed within a 100-day period. More than 400 veterans were housed by the end of the year! With the success of that pilot program, the Housing Houston’s Heroes effort has been

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Houston Chronicle: Homeless advocates focus on results, not just effort

Jul 08, 2013  |  at 8:20 am  |  by kcampbell

Share this post:Federal funding now goes to those programs that can show results By Jayme Fraser Programs serving the homeless used to get federal funding just by showing how they will help people living on the street. Now, they must

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2013 Point-in-Time Count’s New Methodology Explained

Jul 08, 2013  |  at 8:12 am  |  by kcampbell

Share this post:By Dr. Cathy Troisi, Associate Professor at the University Of Texas School Of Public Health Several significant changes were made in the methodology of the 2011 count to improve the completeness and accuracy of the enumeration and these

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Houston sees 29% drop in homeless since 2011

Jun 14, 2013  |  at 12:46 pm  |  by Erol Fetahagic

Share this post:June 13, 2013 – NEWSFIX HOUSTON, TX – Houston gets a lot of flak for its treatment of the homeless. But  someone must be doing something right. Read more: